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Booking Information

Come see me Headline Halifax Feb 9-11th 2017 YukYuks

Headlining Dates 2016

February 10-14th Harveys Casino in Lake Tahoe

YukYuks Hamilton March 11-12 th

YukYuks Ajax March 17-19th

YukYuks Niagara Falls Casino March 24-26th

April 9th Surf City Huntington Beach

April 26th to May 1st Harrahs Las Vegas

May 21st 8pm The Comedy and Magic Club Hermosa Beach

May 21st 815pm The Lounge Hermosa Beach

June 2nd 915pm The Comedy Store in Hollywood

June 21st 8pm The Comedy and Magic Club

June 24th 8pm The Comedy and Magic Club

July 2nd 645m and 930pm Comedy and Magic Club

July 4th Interview with CBC Candy Palmater show

July 4th 11am Yuk Yuks Comedy Podcast

July 7th 103.9 True Talk Thursdays with Howie Nave Regular Guest

Aug Available dates TBA

Comedy and Magic regular dates

September 20th hollywood 8pm Wendi's Show

October October 6-8th The Laugh Shop call 403.259.1706

Ann Arbor Comedy Club October 13-15


Comedy and Magic Club November 12 8pm 815pm

November 18-19th

Headlining Dates Vancouver Canada LAFFLINES 604.525.2262

November 24-26th YUK YUKS VICTORIA

December 1-3rd YUK YUKS ABBOTSFORD 604.746.4488

December 15,16,17th Halifax YukYuks Westin


2017   January 26th 730pm Comedy Store Main room

Improv on Melrose in Hollywood
Jan25 8pm

Comedy and Magic Club Hermosa Beach
Jan 15th 8pm

Feb 2-5th Headlining New Brunswick YukYuks

Feb 9-11th Headlining Halifax YukYuks

Feb 13th The Dime Hollywood 8pm

March 16-18th Headlining Ajax YukYuks Club

2017 Dates TBA
April 25th Private Gig Lake Tahoe


Add Tracey on Facebook

Add Tracey on Facebook